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  1. Yessssss <3 for crosshairs being Mexican, any particular actors/entertainer you envision fitting? You know my preference for bayverse Lockdown human avatar is Tyson Beckford, because that man is a living Aventador, chiselled for miles and soul scorching sexy. Plus his hypnotic lips are pure Lockdown, that mouth makes dirty promises without saying a thing <fashionbombdaily. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/tyson-beckford-by-joseph-sinclair-for-attitude-magazine-september-2012. png>

    I don’t really have any particular actor for Crosshairs, mainly because I haven’t seen one single actor/entertainer that fits my beauty standards.

    Closest to my mental image would be actor Alfonso Herrera, with more beard of course. :P


    Also, I think Tyson makes the perfect Lockdown~~~ <3 Now I’ll have to ship both human!mechs together XD~~

  2. 1088horsepowers:

Ah~ Shockwave…


    Ah~ Shockwave…

  3. My headcanon is that human!Crosshairs is Mexican. :V

  4. djklzonez:

    Dear god…. if Ike got ripped in between games, what will happen to


  5. skeletonsiro:

    captain falcon killed every nintendo character

  6. Soemone at Nintendo had way too much fun rendering Flacon&#8217;s model&#8230;

    Soemone at Nintendo had way too much fun rendering Flacon’s model…

  7. challengerapproaching:

    Warning!  Three New Challengers Approaching!!

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